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Cenote Nic Te Ha

If you do one thing at all in the Yucatán it should be swim. Ocean, cenote, or otherwise. Maybe it is the deep yearning for me to feel weightless in water. Floating in this cenote just outside of Tulum was one of the most tranquil experiences I had during the entire trip. If you rent a car your options are plentiful. Just head in any direction and you will be sure to find them in the jungle. We witnessed plenty of people pop in the limestone pools, snap their photographic proof, and then move on. This is far from what I advise. If you are going on a trip just go on airplane mode and enjoy the present. Give yourself the gift of simply living in the moment. Sure the photos you post might bring you joy later, but why not have complete bliss for the time being. I am not here to tell you how to live yourself. I suppose this is more of a lesson I am trying to bestow upon myself. Enjoy what you have now because there is no guarantee of the future.