in my feels

Alone & ok

2021 Q1 has been consumed by dog sitting, focusing on my health, and being alone. This is the longest I have been single in years. I am doing my best to see that as a blessing. I keep myself busy with home projects, dog watching, and riding my bike to Veronica’s. I thought being single would be dreadful because I source my value from nurturing others. This is the time I can focus on nurturing myself.

Grizzell’s first snow

Things that happened over the last three months:

  1. I made no resolutions on purpose.
  2. I let myself get caught up in my feelings and let it consume me for a moment.
  3. I decided I did not want to date for a relationship, I would rather date to discover more about myself and life.
  4. I started watching dogs on Rover and letting that take over as what feels like my full time job.
  5. Watching dogs made me realize I do not want one of my own just yet. Caring for the dogs even make me question children.
  6. It snowed! & I had the best time with K2, V and the Whitney’s
  7. I started liking my new role at work – turns out it was all about my mindset
  8. I got a sewing machine last night so we shall see what I can mend and create.

Family: see most regularly, need to see my dad more and call my Papa more

Friends: Good, but could reach out to Dzana more

Relationship: Single on purpose, dating but not quick to jump into anything

Work: Happy, picking up integration and Salesforce projects

Finances: Good, maxed out IRA

Mentally: Could sleep & eat better, less alcohol, seeing a naturopath this week

Hobbies: traveling in May, just booked the flights with Chris! Picked up some roller blades.