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The Fuerzas Especiales, comida edition

The foooooood, oh my word, the food. If I care about one thing whilst traveling it is the local cuisine. I want to eat my way across the world and then back again. In Mexico, you would be fool to miss out on taco stands, fresh juices, and churros alike. We tried a spectrum of restaurants ranging from the all too fancy display of food to the questionable stands where you are never quite sure what you ordered. If you know me at all you know I prefer the latter. 

The best meal we had was easily in Valladolid. It took some time to find a place that was even open. There was some protest happening that I believe shut the town down for an afternoon. I wish now I understood why. 

Either way, it was a blessing since we ended up at a spot further down the list. When I say they had the best burrito and enchiladas known to me I am not embellishing. I would fly back there right now just to try more food from that kitchen. I also loved the fact that when I asked for the washroom they directed me to the kitchen where older women created the divine dishes without batting an eye as to why I was in their space. 

Overall I would say skip the marquesitas stands and go straight to where the locals eat. 

Reminds me, the loco taco in Playa del Carmen. Yeah, that is not a taco. And feel free to skip the montroestity that is two meals in itself and order some basic chorizo and queso tacos. You will not regret it. 

Third dish for the table is next level eating. Saving up your appetite for a large lunch. Sharing everything you order. Being courteous of your table mate. Most importantly, if you don’t try it now, when will you ever get the chance again? never.